Realtek front panel audio not working.

I've been using a USB headset for the past year but it recently broke and has now been sent for replacement. It also had the audio and mic mini jacks, which worked fine in the front panel slots last I tried it (2-3 months back). I know my headphones work but when I connect them through the front panel audio there is no sound coming from them. Realtek acknowledges that they are plugged in, I get a pop-up when I insert them and it also shows it in the realtek sound manager. I also have speakers plugged into the back panel, these work fine with no issue. I looked around and some people recommend to disable front panel jack detection, but all that does is make it so realtek thinks both mic and sound jacks are plugged into the front panel. By doing this, sound does come out of the headphones but it isn't the computer sound, for some reason it is the mic sounds. I have no mic plugged in so its basically just static noise. Realtek also has the 'mute rear panel output when front headphones are plugged in' checked but it clearly isn't doing that. The sound still comes out of my speakers when I have my headphones plugged in and I hear nothing from my headphones.
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  1. Is the audio plug on the mobo plugged in? Is there some hidden mute thing somewhere in windows?
  2. ..........feel stupid. realised what caused the problem. turned out I had two output profiles, Realtek HD audio output and Realtek HD 2nd audio output. I'm not sure why I made this, any idea how to delete this?
  3. im having the same problem asus p8 z68 v pro
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