My Graphics Card keeps Artifacting when i play wow

Ok so 8months ago i bought a Nvidia GeForce N450GTS Graphics Card and its been running 2 monitors since day dot perfectly fine never an issue.
As of today however i logged into wow and everthing was the norm right untill i clicked enter world. Once the load screen was finished my page artifacted like crazy, my charictor was fine 1 second then for the next 10seconds lines and colours everywhere then black.
What i can do is hit the window button on my keyboard and bring up the window's bar at the bottom of my screen right click and close wow and everything is back fine again.
I then updated my driver to the latest one as of today.
I then logged into StarCraft2 and it ran perfectly fine not a glytch i even played a match to be doubly sure.
Web Pages work fine ever start up isn't an issue. Only time it seems to artifacte is when dealing with the 3d generation when in the actual wow world.

I've gone and tested my memory and its fine, my PCU is also perfectly fine as well as all my other drivers.

What i'm wondering is if my card has *** itself and i need it replaced or if there is something else i can do.

If replacement is the answer thats fine its under warrenty and i can have it replaced.

Cheers in advance
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  1. did this problem only happen with WoW? did you overclock your card or is it pre overclock card?
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