Graphic card suggestion

Hi there,i have recently upgraded my pc,

INTEL CORE i3- 540,3.06 GHZ
LCD monitor with 1024*768 MAX RESOLUTION

I want to play games like crysis,COD etc
BUT my budget is INR 3000,so plese suggest me a good and latest graphics card....
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  1. 3000 Indian rupees = 68.0580 US dollars, so at least in the US that won't get you much.

    The Radeon HD 5670 is the bang for your buck though ($75). The 6670 is better, but it's closer to $100.
  2. Thanks for your advice.....
    what do you think about Asus GeForce GT210 1GB DDR3 NVidia PCI E and
    ASUS ENGT240 1GB DDR3? will i be able to play games like crysis etc atleast in medium graphic settings??
  3. The GT210 is a no:,2445-8.html

    It's at 1280x1024, but it's only getting 13 FPS, which is more than unplayable.

    The GT240 will be ok:,2475-9.html

    The GT240 isn't available in the US anymore (at least, not that I can see), but it may be in India.

    Another card to look at is the 9600GT, it's an older card than the GT 240 so it may be cheaper and it gives better performance. Might even look at the 9500GT, although it will be similar if not a bit less than the GT 240.

    The 5670 is better than all of them though, not only in terms of FPS, but it has DX11 capability as well. I would go with the 5670, but only if it's in your budget.,2533-8.html
  4. the 5670 you are talking about is ddr3 or ddr5?
  5. hey usually at whattime are u online,i want to get done with it soon,
    i cant wait any more....
    its been months, never played any good
  6. Haha I can sympathize, but sadly I don't have a usual time I'm on as my schedule right now is all over the place.

    It's GDDR5, but it really doesn't matter. It has the best performance at the price point.

    Here is one to look at, I don't think Newegg ships internationally though:

    Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 - $50 after rebate

    Same thing at Amazon:

    Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 - $60 after mail in rebate

    The 6670 is the latest generation of this card and will perform better, but it costs more. There's always room to go up, but it's up to you how much you want to spend. Here is a one to look at if it's within your price range:

    XFX HD-667X-ZHF3 Radeon HD 6670 - $74 after rebate

    Same thing at Amazon:
    XFX HD-667X-ZHF3 Radeon HD 6670 - $85

    The 6670 uses GDDR3 and it seems like a limiting factor, but it still has better performance than the 5670.

    Sorry I don't know any sites besides Amazon that do international shipping.

    What site do you use to buy online?
  7. Soma has been giving you good advice - I would give him a thumbs up but looks like he has already given himself one.

    What PSU do you have - make and model. That often becomes a limiting factor in video card upgrades, although the ones recommended above don't require a lot of power.

    You can see a little bit more info about the HD 5670 on the non-gaming page at

    And more detail in this HD 5670 review which includes benchmarks comparing other graphics cards including the GT 240:,2533.html
  8. rockyjohn said:
    Soma has been giving you good advice - I would give him a thumbs up but looks like he has already given himself one.

  9. Thanks for that article rockyjohn....

    well guys right now m usin my old pc ,but m goin to buy tne new one thats the cpu with the specs above very soon...the only thing thats delaying me from ordering it is the graphics card....
    i had planned to buy an ordinary iball cabinet with a 250w psu,but after i came to know that every single gpu has its own psu requirement i must do some changes with the psu if m goin to use hd 5670 ddr5........
    my budget is not even a single penny more than 4000 INR,budget very tight at the moment...
    what pixel shader does HD 5670 ddr5 support?
    And is it safe to Oclock?
    my lcd monitr supports max of 1024*768,at present no plans of upgradin so do u think i can play crysis 2 at MAX with this card?(most demanding game as per my knowledge)
    and which operating sys is the best for gaming?
    and i've heard that there are problems related to ATI drivers of this particular card is it so....???
    And my motherboard is it good for gaming...?

    sorry for so many freakin questions at a time....
    thanks in advance......:)
  10. Quote:
    I dont shop online,i buy it from a wholesale shop nearby.....

    Any reason you wanted to share that with us or was it just an underhand way of bumping your thread? :heink:
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