65w CPU cooler for a 125w processor (AMD Athlon X2)

Hi guys,
These are the relevant details that you will need I hope:
Motherboard: a785ge Biostar
CPU model: ADX6000CZBOX

One of the wires came off from the 4pin stock cooling fan for the AMD processor and it can't be soldered back because non of the computer guys can open up the fan and reach into the soldering parts. I don't know which colour wire came off since I am typing this from a friend's PC.

On eBay.in I found the following two products that in 500 INR range (dirt cheap) but have the '65w' given as part of the specs. I am wondering if I can still use the following without having to worry about anything NOT working. The maximum I have seem my proc being used up is around 90% when playing second life for a short range of time which then comes back to 50% usage. My temp has been anywhere from 55 to 68 degree C usually. The costlier coolers are too costly for my budget. Please help.

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  1. That will not work but have you considered replacing just the fan on your heatsink? Even mounting an 80mm case fan on top of it should work.
  2. Thanks for the reply Rolli. I ended up buying a whole new set. CoolerMaster Hyper TX3. Kind of glad since the CPU temp is way lower than what it ever was. :)
  3. You did the right thing!
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