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Hi all

I am considering buying Intel 2700K and ASUS P8Z68-V motherboard. Because I only have 450€ currently available, I don't have too many options. I've done a lot of research regarding this subject and I am still not 100% sure if I am making the right decision.

While the CPU and this motherboard are compatible, the only concern I have is if I will be able to connect all 4 fans in my Coolermaster HAF 932 case. Right now I am using 3x 23cm 3-pin fans and 1 12cm 3-pin fan located at the back of the case.


Will I be able to connect all 4 fans with 2 x Chassis Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin, 1 x 3 -pin) and 2 x Power Fan connector(s) (3 -pin ) or should I consider buying other motherboard?

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  1. Why are you going to buy a old system? Why not new mobo like z77 and i7-3770k or i5-3570k?

    If you have fan connector that has 4-pin and 3-pin connector then you can able to use in that mobo.
  2. Thanks for a reply, this will definitely make my decision easier.

    I am buying an older CPU and motherboard because I will get it them 70€ cheaper than I would in a store (my friend has some contacts so he is doing me a favour here). Oh, this CPU will be a lot better than the one I am using now, which is outdated by 2 years. If the price was the same as it currently is in most stores in my country, I would definitely consider buying 3770k although there isn't much difference from 2700K based on some reviews I saw on youtube, but this one should work just fine for a while.
  3. There are two 3-pin power connectors at the top of the board. The left one runs at full speed and there is no feedback re speed. The right one runs at full speed but gives speed to AISuite as Power Fan 1. There are 2 PWM fans at the top for CPU. In middle of board on left is the Chassis Fan 1, which should be connected to back case fan as per ASUS it is a PWM 4-pin; AISuite gives this speed. Other mid board fan, Chassis Fan 2 is 3-pin and AISuite gives that speed. Both Chassis Fans are controlled by AISuite's CPU Temp reading, which differs from HWMonitor and the rest, because it measures something different, as I understand it. I set my fan speeds according to AISiute's corresponding temps to HW, and I use HW, et al., for OC temps.

    So guess that you can run all 4 fans, but the ones connected to the power fans will run at max speed. I don't believe that they can be controlled by other software, but I really don't know, either.

    BTW: I have put that board of mine through abuse that I don't want to admit, and the thing STILL runs just fine. Physical abuse.
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