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Toshiba Satellite M645 Not Gaming Properly

My Toshiba Satellite M645 is very slow at gaming and all i am trying to run is Minecraft (not very grafic intense i dont think). i was able to run Minecraft and WOW, but it seems way slower than it should. i have an intel i5 core processor and a nvidia geforce 310m grafix card.

This is a test for WOW on "can you run it" and it failed:

Sorry if you cant read it because of grafics, it says that my grafics card failed because it has no 3D, i have no idea what that means or how to fix/change it. I also ran a test for GTA4 and it had the same problem.

Any way to fix this? Solutions?
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  1. indeed G310 is no gaming gpu but you should be able run WoW with decent performance if you turn down the setting. did the test preventing you from installing or playing the games?
  2., but do you know how to turn 3D on? or do i need a new video card, if so can I and what do you suggest?
  3. what do you mean by turning on 3D? did you mean stereoscopic 3D? btw you can't replace/upgrade notebook IGP such as yours. if you really want to play games you should build/buy new pc
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    The Geforce 310M is a bit too weak for games.

    You cannot upgrade the video card in your notebook. You are stuck with what you have.

    The only thing you can do is buy a new laptop with a built in video card that is powerful enough to play games.
  5. Dang, i was thinking that it was talking about... Like... Not pops out of screen 3d, but cubes not squares... Thanks anyway...
  6. You cannot run minecraft or wow at their highest settings. Turn down the settings, render distance and turn graphics to fast for minecraft, idk for wow :P Minecraft is pretty intensive if there are lots of blocks rendering at one time, which depends on your render distance :P
  7. The 310M is definitely not meant for gaming
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