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Whats is the difference between 1x4 gb ram and 2x2 gb ram

i chose a mobo gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P-B3 .. i was about to buy 4gb ram (2x2gb) as it has only 2 ram lots i thought that for future upgrades i can't insert one more ram as the two slots will be filled by 2x2gb ram' i decided to get a single corsair 4gb 1333mhz ram ..does the dual channel memory is very important or a single channel memory is enough .. because currently most of the games use 4gb ram so after 2-3 years i can insert one more 4gb ram if i insert a single 4gb 4gb ram relly enough for gaming for 4 years from now..
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  1. Single channel memory will be slightly slower, but you can't notice it unless you run benchmarks. Are you sure that the same 4 GB module will be available in a couple years when you want to increase to 8 GB?
  2. Having 2 2GB sticks would be better I think as it would work in dual channel ( However like you stated, there'd be no more slots for further expansion.

    You Could:
    A) Get another stick of 4GB and have 8GB Dual Channel.
    B) Return the 4GB stick and buy 2x 2GB and have 4GB in Dual Channel.
    C) Live with one 4GB stick for now.

    I can't foresee how much RAM we'll need in 4 years, but I'd predict 8 or 12GB would be standard however 4GB is plenty for while yet.
  3. so single 4gb will be enough for now and after 2-3 years i can insert an another 4gb ram//or 2x2 4gb ram will be enough for 4 years..
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    2x2 gb will be better off, ram prices drops fast that you can get 2x4 eventually.

    you'd need to find the same ram if you want to add it later.
  5. same ram means same brand ,memory with memory timings right..i can get it there any notable difference between dual channel memory and single channel memory
  6. probably won't be noticeable unless you run ram intensive apps and games.
  7. i will run all games like bf3 fifa 12 nfs the run etc..some times i will do antivirus scanning and browse the internet or convert some videos and browse the internet ..does a 1x4gb ram suits for these purpose..
  8. no, it will be much better to have 2x2gb.

    why do you want to have 1x4gb over the 2x2gb?
  9. future mobo has only two ram slots so 1x4 gb will free up a ram slot and i can add an another one after 3 years..and one doubt my friend installed a single 4gb ram in a windows 7 32 bit os it says only 3.25gb usable then what about the remaining ..
  10. I'd say get the 2x2 now and get 2x4 latter on, its going to make things easier and gives you more performance. you'd save maybe $10 over 3 years going with 4gb now and 4gb later.
  11. yes that 10$ makes a difference for me and a single 4x1 gb ram costs less than a dual 2gb ram..then if i install a 4gb ram should i install 64 bit or 32 bit os..because in 32 bit os only 3.25 gb is usable is there any disadvantage using a 64 bit os..
  12. you need to have hardware to run the 64 bit os but yes if you want to use more than 3.25 gb of ram you'd want a 64 bit os.

    64 bit os allows you to run 64 bit applications which can be faster than 32 bit ones but since we are still very reliant on 32 bit computing, it won't make any noticeable difference and the only advantage would be the extra ram.
  13. with 4gb of ram what would u tell me to install 64 bit or 32 bit..the processor is i5 2400
  14. I'd say install the 64 bit even if you have less than 4 just so you don't have to worry later on.
  15. thanks man finally 64bit windows 7 with 4x1gb ram right for mobo with 4 ram slots go for 2x2gb..
  16. if you cpu and motherboard supports 64 bit os then go for it
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