Unexplained Slow Memory Speed

I have just performed a Memory Speed Test on my machine and the read speed is 562MB/s which is comparable to other similar machines... However, the write speed is 42 MB/s and the copy speed is only 36MB/s... A fraction of comparable systems, ie same CPU with PC100 memory, the readings should be around 500-600MB/s and 300MB/s respectively.

Is there something wrong? Or have I been ripped off when purchasing the supposedly PC100 SDRAM? How can I improve it if I am running win2k professional? (BTW I have done the test in win98 and yield the same result)...

Here'e the spec. of my machine:
AMD K2-6 300 Mhz
192MB 'supposedly' PC100 memory
15GB harddisk
Chipset: VIA 82C597 rev 4
(This do support PC100 memory)

Any advice will be very much appreciated.

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  1. Does it seem to you that your system is running slow?
  2. Yes, It's quite a bit slower than my friend's machine... It cannot play flash or video smoothly.

  3. well I think it might just be the processor slowing you down. I use to have a K6-2 300mhz which is in my wife's computer now I have a k6-3 400mhz big difference in speed with only 64 meg of ram. I am waiting for my 128meg to get here from Crucial. But I think it is the processor that is slowing you down. What program were you using to benchmark your memory? Oh what motherboard do you have? I see that it has Via chipset but who is the motherboard maker?
  4. Is it brand name memory or generic? Generic memory is quite risky to buy. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it's crap. Borrow a stick of memory and test it in your system just to make sure it's the memory and not another component. If it does turn out to be bad memory then see if you can return it and get a brand name.
  5. I used WinTune to benchmark the machine. The motherboard I used is MAGIC-PRO MP-VIP4-A2... I have already had the bios updated to the latest version.

  6. ic... It's generic... and because I bought the RAM awhile ago... so I don't supposed there can be an exchange... sigh... stupid me!

  7. try sisoft sandra i have never heard of that benchmark
    then post the results

    Bored,Certified Tech
  8. All in MB/s

    Int ALU/RAM Bandwidth, Overall 52
    Assignment 53
    Scaling 52
    Addition 54
    Triad 49
    Data Item Size 4-bytes / 32-bits

    Float FPU/RAM Bandwidth, Overall 77
    Assignment 77
    Scaling 77
    Addition 80
    Triad 76
    Data Item Size 8-bytes / 64-bits

    Array Memory used 96MB
    MMX Detected

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