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i had just bought a new Intel Pentium e5200 processor i had upgraded from an e2140 processor when i put in the new processor and started up windows everything seemed fine but then an installation had to be done and i had to restart my computer so i did and while it was restarting my computer stayed on but everything else was not? so i turned it off really quickly then on again and windows started normally . as i turned of my computer this blue screen came up saying that something has not been installed and that i should remove all new hardware

my questions is how do i remove that blue screen and install my new processor correctly if possible
i currently remove the new processor and am using my old 1
my motherboard 0ry007 by dell
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  1. Windows might doing the crappy thing were they want you to re-activate then you turned off. I would just reset CMOS to see if that allows you to skip right through it recognizing the hardware. You could just take out CPU put new one in if that fixes it go all the to menu do a normal shutoff, then put new one in. Hopes this helps
  2. Most if not all cpu upgrades require a bios update.
    Not all processors are supported on certain boards.
    You've supplied very little info in this regard.
  3. Do you know what the exact BSOD stop error code is? You might have to upgrade the BIOS to be compatible with the new CPU.
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