Just bought 1.65v ram. Am I safe using it with 3570k?

I just bought this ram http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104339 since it was on sale for $30. Of course now I'm reading that 1.65v ram can potentially damage the cpu in the long run. I'm also reading it would be okay to use. I guess it a matter of luck I'm not sure. Am I better off returning it and getting something like the g.skill ares that runs at 1.5v or can I stick with the kingston?
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  1. Your motherboard will manage the power settings with the memory. Your CPU will be safe.
  2. I think I would err on the safe side and return it.
    1.65v is apparently the highest voltage allowed, but I would not feel comfortable running there.

    You could check the kingston ram configurator to see if it is supported on your motherboard.
    I am guessing that it is not. If it is not supported, you will get no help from either the motherboard maker or kingston.
  3. I'm assuming its going to run at 1.5v at 1333mhz. 1.65v is used to run it at 1600mhz. Will there be that much of a performance boost between 1333mhz and 1600mhz? If there isn't there's really no point in going through the hassle to return it i guess.
  4. 1333 is technically the standard speed for DDR3 memory. You won't see much of a hit. Your mobo may actually run at 1600 with no issues. I wouldn't be too concerned.
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