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What's the best upgrade from a 9600 gso?

My current card isn't strong enough to play my games anymore and I'd like to hear from some experts out there what would be the best upgrade for my system. I only have a simple 460 watt power supply.

I'm running 3 120mm fans
x3 740 (unlocked)
9600 gso 512mb
MSI 770 g-45
2gb ddr3 1333mhz
1tb hard drive
460 watt PSU
Win 7 ult. 32-bit

I'm not very smart with PSUs so can you guys also give me some basic tips besides looking for quality PSUs.

Well my budget is about $140 for a gpu and my friend, who really knows his PSUs, suggested in buying several of PSUs, so I decided to go with the 620 watt he recommended.

My resolution is 1920x1080.

For now, I'm just going to stick with a decent PSU since I still play some good old Dx10 games like COD4, CS:S(mainly in it for the zm and ze), I'm thinking in getting crysis, and other old games. I'm not very much into today's new games since they are starting to lack originality.

I'm a plug in and play gamer. I'm into graphics, but I'm 40% graphics and 60% performance gamer. I don't overclock, but if I need more performance, I'll just turn down my settings in the game, but that's not really working for some of the games I recently bought.

Sorry for the late update and thanks for providing me with some good info.

I'm not planning on upgrading my PSU yet, but I know what I'll be buying when I ready to get a new PSU.

Will my current PSU handle a 550 gtx ti for at least a month before I can get my new PSU? or will it not last that long?
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  1. Seasonic is like very reliable. Antec and Corsair are also good choices. At your 460W I would probably go for a 6870 which you may find for around $150 or go for a 460.
  2. Resolution?

    At 1920X1080 and above=Minimum amd 6870 or gtx 560 recommended gtx 560 ti (A PSU upgrade needed)
    At 1680X1050 and below=Minimum gtx 550 ti or amd 6790 recommended gtx 460 or amd 6850
    At 1440X900 and all lower resolutions=A GTS 450 or a 5750 is enough

    Hope that solves your problem :)
  3. Your PSU, like most offerings from Coolermaster, is overrated junk:
    As such, it can probably handle a HD5770, but I would not trust it for anything more; certainly not for extended use.
    We need to know your total budget (in case a PSU replacement is needed), your resolution, and the [types of] games you play.
  4. C'mon jtt. While agree in the case of the OP's PSU, CM does make some really good ones. This just isn't one of them. Only their Elite and eXtreme series PSUs are over-rated, mislabeled, falsely advertised crap. More specifically, it's the 460W models (such as the OP's) that truly demonstrate such ill-behavior. This eXtreme 460 review from HardwareSecrets shows it essentially has the same issues.

    One of the most basic tips I can offer regarding a PSU purchase is to seek out reviews, such as the ones jtt and I linked. HardwareSecrets offers very in-depth and reliable reviews. Other such sites include JonnyGuru, HardOCP, and HardwareCanucks. Tom's does the occasional one as well, but it's just not quite as in-depth as the others. (Though with some prodding, they have improved.)

    As for your GPU upgrade, we really do need the additional info jtt requested to make truly informed recommendations.
  5. HardOCP descibes the GX-650 as a "polished turd in a box." Iirc, only their Silent Pro series has gotten decent technical reviews. The fact that so many of them have liar labels, or claim protections they actually lack, means I wouldn't touch ANY of them as a matter of general principle.
  6. Sorry for the side-discussion, MrComputerGuy.

    Jtt: Really? Polished turd in a box? LOL I had to go read that review cause I missed it. Classic. But the GX-series isn't one I actually like, though I'd describe the 750W model as adequate, but capable of being much better.

    Aside from the Silent Pro series, I was thinking of the UCP series, and the Real Power Pro series from a couple years back. Both were solid. But CM's newer Seventeam-built units/designs just aren't as good as competing products built/designed by rival OEMs, like Seasonic and Delta. It seems like they're trying (failing?) to squeeze as much as they can out of older designs.
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    Well then, back on topic, with your 400W-420W PSU, you can safely run a HD6750 or HD6770 at least for a while. Cleeve (Don W.) recommends a minimum 3-tier jump on the gaming GPU charts, so I don't think you want anything less than a HD5750/HD6750. Of course, if your budget will support a PSU upgrade, you can do a lot better; please post that budget.
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  9. Thanks. It looks like you made an excellent PSU choice. You can run any GPU you like with that one.
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