Is my CPU the problem

I have had a random freezing issue with my PC, I've changed graphics cards, RAM, mobo and still can't rectify it.

Very random issue, sometimes freezes a couple of times a night, sometimes once a week, freezes during boot, during games, whenever.

When it freezes fans and lights and HD seem to still be whirling away but the picture freezes and you can't do anything other than hard reset.

Any thoughts much appreciated!
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  1. What temps are you getting? I suspect maybe the thermal compound has fail on your CPU and it's auto shutting down to protect itself.
  2. what cpu and yes, the temperature would also be good to know.
  3. How did you apply your thermal paste and how long ago did you Apply it?
  4. Hi all, thanks for the replys, it's definitely not a temperature issue. Sometimes it freezes 30 secs, sometimes after hours of hard gaming.

    I've checked the temperatures and they rarely get above 70C.

    It's happened since I built the PC over a year ago, I've just not been able to rectify it.
  5. Can you list your system specs and possibly post a HWMonitor screenshot?

  6. Graphics Cards ATI Radeon HD 5800

    The only issue I can see is the 12V voltage output is only operating at about 2V?

    Not too much of an expert, let me know if you need anymore info, thanks all.
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