Confused about adaptors - can anyone recommend for triple monitors?

Hi folks.

I have 2x monitors at the moment connected to my ATI 5870 card via DVI and HDMI (which also provides the audio). I have a 3rd monitor now and need to set it up but as much pouring over the Google'd info I'm still confused by posts saying that certain adaptors don't work for some but do for others.

I want to connect my 3x monitors, one via HDMI (to keep the audio) and the other two via the dual-port DVI (and probably the adaptor too).
What I'm looking for is someone to recommend a product - preferably from Can anyone help please?

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  1. ^Please give the exact brand & model of your video card so we can determine if you have normal Display Port or mini Display Port. We need this information to make the recommendation.
    And also, the keyword when looking for a display port/miniDP to DVI adaptor is "active". Those adaptors that you probably heard of that is not working are the passive type.
  2. As randomkid mentioned you need to specify your exact video card. Either way what you need is an ACTIVE adaptor, unless your third screen has a build in active adaptor, you will probably need one of the following:
    Unless you have an eyefinity 6 version of the 5870 the above 'should' be sufficient alternatively use the above adaptor with a mini-dp to dp dongle.

    There are cheaper non-powered active adaptors such as but I cannot confirm if they are sufficient to run eyefinity on your card (someone could confirm this for you i'm sure). I know they work on the 69xx series however.

    I use the Accell / Biz Link powered adaptors listed above and they work perfectly.

    Also keep in mind that to enable bezel compensation you need to have three of the exact same monitor (or flash the bios of your screens such that they are recognised as the same screen) i.e. same brand, size, model. This is only necessary for bezel compensation your eyefinity will still work with three non-identical screens.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys.
    It’s an XFX ATI 5870 card. I’m not sure if there’s a ‘revision’ number or anything, but it’s the ATI chipset manufactured by XFX.
  4. ^Okay. It appears to me that your XFX ATI 5870 have Display Port.

    Horrgakx said:
    Hi folks.
    I want to connect my 3x monitors, one via HDMI (to keep the audio) and the other two via the dual-port DVI (and probably the adaptor too).
    What I'm looking for is someone to recommend a product - preferably from Can anyone help please?

    However, to activate the 3rd monitor, you can not use the DVI ports at the same time. You must connect like this:

    DVI-D > DVI Monitor #1
    DVI-S > Can not use at same time as the HDMI Port
    HDMI > HDMI Monitor
    DP > DVI Monitor #2 via Active Display Port Adaptor

    You should buy something like this but you must make sure that it is "Active":
    But take not that the DVI Port in this adaptor is DVI-S. If your monitor cable have the DVI-D ( cross ) it will not fit.

    Honestly, there is no surefire way to say which adaptor will work. My friend have to try to models to get a working adaptor. Same goes for me so if you can buy it in a store with good chance of being able to return or replace it, then go for it.
  5. Blimey I had no idea there were 2 different types of DVI port.
    I'll take a closer look at the card though I'm off on holls soon so might not get chance for a couple of weeks.
  6. Ninja Pants said:

    I have ordered that exact adaptor and another monitor (same as the existing two). Will update when it all lands.
  7. It's in & working, just hating the edge distortion at the moment. I know people say "you'll get used to it" but to me the monitors should be like looking out of a window at the world - not having some kind of distorting lens on the sides.

    And the worst thing about the Catalyst Control Centre is that it won't remember the order of my screens when switching profiles. So I go from a wide gaming mode using all 3 monitors as a single desktop and drop into using the 3 monitors separately - but the monitor order is swapped (so I move the screen off the left of my left-most monitor and it appears at the right hand side of the centre one). Very annoying.
  8. Good to hear you have it working.

    What do you mean by edge distortion? Do you mean the bezel? I only ask as that can be compensated for.

    In terms of not remembering the order, this is something that hasn't been addressed in CCC yet for some unknown reason. If you order your screens left to right from right to left on your graphics card you shouldn't have this issue as they will always be in the correct order (I may be wrong but try it, I have it set up that way and it works fine for me although I have heard other having troubles and I assume they had at least tried this so maybe it doesn't work for everyone).
  9. Thanks for the reply.

    No not the bezel adjustment, the 'warping' at the sides. I'd expect it to be natural but the edges are distorted, like zoomed in. Although in Live For Speed there's actually a slider that controls the 'distortion' in-game which is good.

    So it's an accepted CCC bug? Looks like a monitor move is on the cards then :)
    Surely that's a basic thing that will affect most people who take advantage of multi-monitors. Shame on them :)
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