Can' t install 2 drivers of my motherboard(I NEED HELP!)

I just installed windows 7 64-bit on my new build (i5-3570K,Gigabyte Z77 DS3H, HD 7770) and went on to install my motherboard' s drivers (motherboard) but I couldn' t install 2 of the 8 drivers.
When I run the setup.exe of intel VGA Driver and of Intel Rapid Storage Technology (SATA RAID) I get the message "This system does not meet the minimum requirements for the installation of this software". What is wrong and what should I do to fix it?
I had the drivers' files stored on a USB stick to use them as I didn' t have internet connection when I installed the OS. I have installed the catalyst for the 7770' s drivers and windows updates..
Please help me!
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  1. Never mind. I got the answers I needed from another forum in this site.
  2. so what was the solution i want to know
  3. adil85 said:
    so what was the solution i want to know

    Well the 2 drivers regarding SATA RAID are not necessary to me as I have only one hard drive and as for the VGA driver I was told that I don' t need it since I installed the drivers for my HD 7770, which should be fine.
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