Which H77 motherboard?

Hello, I want to build a computer from the ground up but I do not know which of the following motherboards I should choose.

Asrock H77 pro4/m - 69,72 euros
Intel DH77eb - 89,85 euros

The reason why I picked these motherboards is because they are cheap, don't overclock and support intel xeon e3 out of the box.
How does asrock compare to intel mobos? Are they more power hungry because they offer more features? Are they slower, unreliable, not durable, don't suport linux , EFI, etc. Does a microatx, in general, consume less watts than a atx mobo? Which one should I choose?
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  1. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/pc-components/motherboards/asrock-h77-pro4-mvp-1085062/review


    it has lots of feature
    3 usb 3
    4 x SATA3 6.0 Gb/s
    up to 32 gb of ram
    lots of feature u find in higher boards
    and i would say to u asrock reliable
  2. I would say the ASRock board is more durable than the Intel board. It has all solids caps whereas the Intel board has a lot of electrolytic caps.
  3. I bought an H77M and am very pleased with it. Didnt see the need for more than 16GB memory though. I fitted a i5-3750K (it was almost same price as non K) although not overclocking - the opportunity is there if I change board some time in future. Set up very easy and quick all you need is on the Asrock disc.
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