ATI Radeon 6570 - Good or bad?


I'm going to buy a new computer that has an ATI radeon 6570 graphics-card, and I would like to know what games it can run on the highest settings and can it run the newest games good without any lag?

It has 1Gb of DDR3 VRAM (not 512 mb)

And is the card future proof?

Thanks! :)
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  1. what is your preferred gaming resolution?
  2. I have an LG Flatron L192WS LCD wide-screen ( I think it's a wide-screen :D ) that has an maximum screen resolution of 1400x900
  3. should be fine with low to medium setting in game depending on the games being played. if you want to play on high or very high setting you can look for GTX550Ti or HD5770/HD6770
  4. Thanks for the quick and good help/answer! :D
  5. Well I have this friend vga, this working perfectly in games.
    for her this great value this vga.
    follows the youtube link of the test I did with it.
  6. Hi, may i ask something related to the Radeon 6570 ?

    Since i want to play in 720p with a Celeron G540 and 2 GB of RAM, how would this Radeon 6570($49) perform for today's and older games ? I was asking yesterday for the Radeon 7750($109) , but i dont want to spend money in hardware i may not really need for light gaming.

    Which system is better for a generic-built computer ?

    Radeon 6570($49) + Celeron G540 + 4GB RAM($38).

    Radeon 7750($109) + Celeron G540 + 2GB RAM.

    I am sorry, i think this post is old. I just saw it in the first lines of the Radeon Topic.
  7. The first build is better in price and the second one in performance(2gb ram sucks though). if you only play light games at 720p then the 6570 is all you need i guess but it wont hurt to invest in the second build to ensure good performance even 2-3 years down the road.
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