Why does web page rendering stall so often?

www.tomshardware.com is one of the worst sites I've seen for web page rendering. All to often I click a link to a new article or to go the the next page of the current article and the web page hangs, sometimes for minutes, because it is trying to connect to www.ad.tomshardware.com and it can't connect to that server for some reason. Consequently you cannot see the main contents of the page. These delays are INCREDIBLY annoying. Please fix the problem.

I understand the need for advertisements in supporting the site, but your advertisement mechanism seems to be compromising the reliability of your web page rendering.

- Eric
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  1. Hi,

    I believe we have fixed this issue. Let me know if it still happens.

  2. So for the last few days I have not seen the problem occur again. Thanks for fixing it, it's much more enjoyable reading the web site now.

    Cheers, Eric
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