Connect public hotspot to home network??

I would like to connect a public internet hotspot to my home wireless network.
My setup is:
Cisco E3000 wireless N router connected to main PC, 2 laptops and an iphone 4, ALL WIRELESSLY. Windows 7 ultimate on PC & laptops.

The main PC has a 2nd wireless card to connect to the public hotspot. Can this internet be shared to the cisco router?

Many thanks for your time!
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  1. so to make sure I understand this right, You are connecting wirelessly to the Hotspot and you want to wirelessly connect the main PC to the router using ICS?

    If that is so, upgrade your router with a Firmware from DD-WRT and configure it as a Bridge repeater.
  2. Hi Emerald

    Yup, thats my plan.

    About that link, can you explain in a nutshell what the dd-wrt firmware does exactly? I was under the impression ICS was possible without having to deviate from the stock firmware (i upgraded to the latest linksys version yesterday) or am I wrong? I'm keen to try this dd-wrt, but am slightly nervous... do I need god-like networking skills to get that hotspot shared once I've got it installed?

    Thanks for your help!
  3. did some more research and even updating to DD-WRT will not help since the ICS will not auto-connect to the router wirelessly.

    the only way I see it work is to connect the E3000 via network cable to the main PC.
  4. ok well I did the dd-wrt upgrade anyway and it seems pretty cool... will do the cable link though, as you say. While I'm here, are there any other interesting features that the dd-wrt software has over the stock version?

    Cheers again...
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