GTX 570/580 Upgrade - Upgrade CPU & Mobo or no?

Planning to upgrade my rig for the new wave of games coming out. I am definitely going Nvidia 570 or 580. What I am wondering, is should I upgrade the CPU & motherboard as well, or will my current rig be enough to get the most out the card and the new games.

Current rig:

Phenom II X4 945 OCed to 3.8GHz
4 gigs RAM
2x HD 4890s in crossfire
MSI 790GX chipset motherboard

I am debating upgrading to an LGA 1155 system, new mobo and i5 2500K (I'd OC it of course). Like I said the graphics are definitely getting upgraded, and my question for the forums is will I see a noticeable difference if I upgrade the CPU & mobo alongside the new graphics card, or will the upgrade be so slight I should invest that into other parts (a nice SSD, 2x 570 for SLI, etc)? I only worry about some weird issue with the 790GX chipset or the current Phenom CPU not fully utilizing the 570/580, could that pose any issue?
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  1. You'll certainly need a better CPU if you go 580, and the 570 will run fairly slow as well. This will not do.
  2. <----- AMD Phenom II X4 955 vs Intel Core i5 2500K
  3. ^I mean yes, but that doesn't really answer the question.
  4. Okay this may sound dumb but, isn't 2 4890s in crossfire competitive against the gtx570/580 (single card)?
  5. Seems like it should be, yes. Can you check what kind of CPU usage you get in games?
  6. My G13 gamepad has a CPU/mem monitor that i glance at occasionally, sometimes 1 or 2 cores spike to near 100% but mostly its 40-60% or so (in Rift for example). But that doesn't mean I won't benefit from the cpu/mobo upgrade right?

    Where did you guys see any comparison between the 2x 4890s and a single 570/580? I can't find any direct comparison worthwhile maybe my google-fu is weak i dunno. Since 4890s are dx10 and 570/580 dx11 most charts i see don't show the two side by side. I saw some single vs single but not cf 4890 vs single 570/580.
  7. I haven't seen a direct comparison; I'm just inferring from the Tom's hierarchy chart. I hadn't considered the DX10 thing, though.
  8. OK well thanks all, I'm gonna go ahead and splurge for the whole upgrade, I'll be waiting till closer to Christmas and hope the 580s drop price!
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