Compaq Presario SR5807C Gaming?

I was wondering if the compaq presario SR5807C could suffice for gaming/video editing, I can get it for $150 and it has a 500 GB hard drive. If I get it I will probably upgrade the graphics card, what would you recommend, I was thinking either the 9800 gt or the gtx 460, I can get the 9800 gt for $50 dollars off tiger direct would the gtx 460 be worth the higher price?
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  1. im guessing ur picking it up 2nd hand
    but it depends on what you want.

    it shouldnt limit the 460 to badly and will make an ok entry - mid level gaming computer.

    Yes the 460 is definatly worth the extra price,2487.html
  2. Yes, with some upgrades. Gotta keep an eye on your power requirements - Doubt there's more than a 300w power supply in that thing, in which case even the 9800gt would be a bit too much. The best card you can get is an AMD HD 6670 without upgrading the existing PSU (Will play most games well up to 1680x1050). If you're going to replace the PSU, then you can look at higher video card options.

    Here's a good HD 6670:

    And here's a great replacement PSU if you'd rather a better gaming card:

    You may also want to check online if that motherboard supports AM3 processors. The Athlon is fine for most games 2009 and earlier, but more recent games demand more cores. Most proprietary AM2 mobos support AM3 CPUs (up to 95w) with a BIOS update. In that case, you can start looking at the 95w Phenom II X4 processors (will make a huge difference in most of this year's games).
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