Ms-6577 ver 4.1 bios 3.21 upgrade

I need to know if this motherboard has a CPU Fan controller. My CPU fan speeds up and slows down at different intervals. I have never had one to do this before and would like to know if this is normal. Everything runs normal and it boots quite quickly. Any information about this would be greatly welcomed and extremely appreciated.
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    No I do not think it does, it is only a three pin connector, right? Sounds like you have a fan going bad, I would just replace the fan with one the same size and speed, just take the numbers off the top of the fan and do a search on them, you should be abe to get the specs. and just order a new one. In the mean time, after you get the numbers off the fan you can try and peel back part of the label and put one drop of 3 in 1 oil on the center shaft of the fan motor, if it would make you feel more comfortable remove the fan from the heatsink and lube it outside the case.
  2. That's what I was thinking. I have a few fans here but they are substantially larger than the one I need. I will try the oil and see if that works. If not I will replace the fan. Thenks for the input.
  3. I just tried the oil and it still wants to speed up and slow down. To me, it sounds as though the BIOS has a hardware monitor that controls the speed of the fan to match the heat created inside the case. I am not sure of this but from the info that I have read about this mobo, it is possible to have this. I just do not understand the purpose of this. However, I will be ordering another fan this week. Hope it doesn't do the same thing.
  4. Just search the BIOS, if it has the option you should be able to figure it out.
  5. Fan is good. Did some research and found that this particular mobo came with an FSC chip. The oil quieted the fan a lot. Noise level is tolerable now. I still fail to see the purpose of it though. Unless it to.promote optimal cooling while maintaining power consumption. This would be a logical explanation. However, I will continue to run it as is. This is a custom built case with custom parts. I like the configuration of the hardware I am using and do not wish to change it. Thanks for the input.
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