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I was just wondering if there was any difference between cat 5 and cat 6 cables, and if they require anything different from 5 or 5E.
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  1. Cat 5 and Cat 6 are quite similar however there are a few differences.
    Cat 5 is desgined for 100 Mhz operation. 10/100 speed mainly. Some good quality cat 5 will allow gigabit ethernet throughput.
    Cat 6 is desinged for 250Mhz and is better for running a goog gigabit network. Cat 6a is desinged for 500Mhz and can be capable of 10Gb networking.

    I use cat 5 for my gigabit home network, but to be honest, i do find some significant differences in performance between cableing.

    Ther also can be a difference in cable thickness as cat 6 tends to have better shielding to provide the better performance.
  2. I can improve performance by upgrading my ethernet cables?

    currently cat5e
  3. @Blue Axe, it depends if you are getting inteference from EMR sources or from cheap cables. Some Cat 5s can handle good Gigabit.
  4. Thanks, Plumble. I was just wondering because I was going to move my setup downstairs but the router would remain upstairs. I was going to buy a 100 ft. cable, but I didn't know which would be more efficient.
  5. Good quality ethernet cables are the key. Should work up to 100m (about 300ft).
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