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A friend of mine wants me to build a computer that can support up to 12 monitors for his work. Basically he does stock trading and stuff like that, which apparently requires a ton of monitors like that.

Now i wanted to ask, what would be required of set up like that?

-Would i need like 2 or 3 graphics cards? Is there an alternative
-Does windows 7 64bit support 12 monitors

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  1. The ATI eyefinity 6 edtion cards have 6 monitor outputs per card. so using 2 of those will get you there.

    will be what ur after.

    YOU WILL REQUIRE MONITORS WITH DISPLAY PORT, or lots of ACTIVE Display port to DVI adapters
  2. thank you

    I doubt he will want to use eyefinity (as in stretching everything across al 12 monitors), instead he's probably just going to want an extended desktop of sorts, so that hey can maximize different windows on each monitor.

    will that be possible or must he use eyefinity?
  3. eyefinity you can enable and disable,

    same with crossfire.

    for him to use all 12 monitors he will have to have BOTH crossfire and eyefinity disabled.
  4. I dont see any other way to get 12 monitors without having 6 cards lol. Isn't that essentially what eyefinity is? A bunch of displays hooked up together. You could hook it up and set it up to have extended desktops? Or no someone else make sure im right.\\

  5. YES for sure you can have those cards using extended desktop with 12 monitors

    Eyefinify Disabled
    Crossfire Disabled (as enableing it will disable the outputs of the 2nd card)
  6. Thank you.

    Also do you know if win7 will support 12 monitors or do i have to mess around with some stuff?
  7. Win 7 should be fine. (i have not personally tested 12 screens tho)
    i have seen 6 working with out any trouble.
  8. Ah, ok. thank you
  9. The 6950 2Gb will feed six monitors for less that $380 each, newegg have a range in the $270 bracket
  10. Motopsychojdn said:
    The 6950 2Gb will feed six monitors for less that $380 each, newegg have a range in the $270 bracket

  11. Times two for the intended twelve screens ofc :-)
    Still saves a packet though
  12. Motopsychojdn said:
    The 6950 2Gb will feed six monitors for less that $380 each, newegg have a range in the $270 bracket

    So this will work right?

    I can hook up 2 monitors to the DVI and 4 to the Display ports correct? Or is it an either/or system?

    Meaning 2 to the DVI -OR- 4 to the Display ports?

    And so if i get 2 of those cards, i can get 12 monitors working correct? It says up to 6 monitors but is that up to 6 monitors PER card or 6 monitors TOTAL?

    thank you

    ALSO: Do you have to use an ACTIVE display port to DVI if you're not gonna use eyefinity?
    the card in the pic looks to have all ports full, I know theres something with a portswitch but to be honest the manual will have all the info for multi-monitor set ups in all the various options
    but I do recall that to run monitors off both cards you do not have crossfire enabled
    Can't seem to get the manual anywhere to d/l though :(

  14. Is the portswitch a hardware i need to buy?

    Its no biggie about the manual, if i buy it ill read the manual, so long as it can run 6 monitors each lol :)

    Also would you mind taking a quick look at my build here, and see if everything fits; or perhaps some recommendations/suggestions?

    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600 3.4GHz - $299.99

    MoBo: ASRock P67 EXTREME4 - $154.99

    RAM: Corsair 16GB (4 x 4GB) - $89.99

    PSU: Corsair 750W - $139.99

    GPU: ASUS Radeon HD6950 2GB - $289.99 (x2 = $579.98)

    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB - $54.99

    Optical: Samsung CD/DVD Burner - $16.99

    Case: Cooler Master HAF932 - $159.99


    DVI to VGA adapter - $4.99 ( x4 = $19.96)

    Active Display Port to VGA adapter - $17.99 (x8 = $143.92)

    Subtotal: $1,660.79
    Total (tax/shipping): $1,832.67

    You think the motherboard will be okay to hand 2 of those cards? I mean, they each take up 3 slots lol. Full-Tower case should be good right? Or you think i should go Super-Tower?

    Thanks man i really appreciate it. :)
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    The port switching is something built in, like if you plug into X socket, it disables Y socket, but enables X socket to feed two monitors, I've not got mine yet so cant explain better sorry

    The Mobo crossfires at x8 speed for two cards, see if you can find one thats X16/X16, fullspeed on the pcie lanes
    And they are just over 29Cm long so as long as the Haf can take 12" cards you'll be fine
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  17. Thank you for B.A. man, I got mine now so I'll post a pic and info on the switch when I get home from work for you .VK
  18. Here you go mate, this is what two look like

    Theres no real manual tbh, but I just found this for you
    as mentioned by Hugo, its dp monitors (or adaptors if he already has the monitors and they dont support dp)
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