Ares not listed on ASrock mobo page?

Hi, I just ordered these:

G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900)

and then noticed on the ASrock page for my mobo...

ASRock 970DE3/U3S3 ATX AM3+

that the memory doesn't appear on that list. I thought everything was fine because the mobo supports memory up to 1866 and that's what the memory is, but am I going to run into problems since it's not on the actual list?

Thanks for reading
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  1. It will work.

    Any reasons why you are getting 1866? There's no real world difference between 1333mhz and anything above it.
  2. Thanks for the answer, that's a relief. No real reason I went with those other than 1) they were out of the 1600s and 2) I'm pretty unknowledgeable about overclocking (going to try it for first time on this new rig when the parts arrive), so I went with what seemed safe.
  3. The memory is indeed compatible with that motherboard. Even more important, you need a good CPU to fully support DDR3-1866. At least a Phenom II 955 would suffice. If you plan to overclock, a higher DRAM frequency can surely be taken advantage of especially if you overclock the CPU and CPU-NB frequency.

    There is only no real world difference if you do not overclock your CPU. CPUs are designed for DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1600, so throughput is limited unless you overclock. Gains can always be achieved otherwise we would all have slow computers. :non: :D

    Thank you
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