Can I install a 4th monitor on my 5770?

I have an HD Radeon 5770. . It has Dual DL-DVI / Display Port / HDMI.

Currently I'm running 3 monitors and want to add a 1080p projector to the mix to watch blu rays. When I'm running the projector I wouldn't care about the 3 monitors and vice versa since it will be in a different room. I'm wondering if I could plug the projector into the extra DVI port that isn't being used, and keep it disabled when working on my computer and disable the other dvi monitor when watching movies?

If this is possible will the blu ray go through the dongle or whatever? Or should I just buy a $100 pci card and put whatever is on my current hdmi onto that card?

Lastly, is there just a better regular length (not long) gpu I might consider to do this? I got a 5770 because I heard amd does videos better than nvidia. But now I hear nvidia has the market for 3d? I'm not currently into 3d vidoes but would like to have that as an option in the coming year with this system.

Anyone have thoughts? If it matters, I don't game. Just watch movies and work on my computer. Building a home theater in the next room and want the best experience.
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  1. Unless you have a flex edition of the card such as this one...:

    ... three is the max.
  2. Can this card also run 3 monitor but have the same thing on each. So bascily its just 3 copies of your desktop? Or do you have to use extend desktop?
  3. Yes. Instead of extending the desktop, just choose the 'duplicate' option in catalyst.
  4. @dreamscaper - I have no experience with Eyefinity cards, but you may want to look at setting up separate profiles; one for Eyefinity (three monitors enabled and the projector disabled) and then a separate one for just the projector (three monitors disabled and the projector enabled) and then adding a hot-key function to toggle between them.

    I'm not sure you can do this or even if all four displays will appear in the configuration screen (again, I have no experience with an Eyefinity card).

    -Wolf sends
  5. Thanks for the responses so far. Just been trying to do some research. I really like that gpu mentioned. It's only like $40 more than the 2nd card I was looking at, and I wouldn't need 2 gpus in my computer. I also like the idea of figuring out profiles. I'm starting to want to shut off my 2 secondary monitors when not doing anything. I figured out the option in ultramon to enable secondary and disable secondary monitors so that's probably my easiest option.

    Now I'm wondering if an HDMI switcher might be something I should look at. I found a cheap one on amazon with a lot of good reviews and I'm thinking if I could plug in my main hdmi monitor and my projector into it and just switch to the projector until I find a better solution that sounds good to me. Plus this way I could probably use the switcher once I find a dedicated htpc laptop.

    So, anyone have any thoughts if this would work for now?

    Or should I just buy the graphics card linked and when I buy an htpc laptop I'll be able to add a 4th monitor at some point if that's ever a thought?
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