Can't boot to windows after video card crash without removing USB

Hi folks,

As it says in the title I get this weird issue where occasionally when playing specific games my monitor goes to a black screen with the last second of sound looping which forces me to power off the PC then restart it.

Now when I restart it will progress beyond uefi boot and show the Windows 7 loading screen for a second or 2 but then freeze and the only way I can get my PC to boot to windows after that is another hard shutdown and restart having removed 2 USB cables from my motherboard.
I don't think it's a driver issue as I have removed USB's connected to various devices and just regular USB - mini USB/USB - iPod cables, I've always just removed a pair from 2 of the top 4 USB slots so I couldn't tell you whether the removal from the lower slots or just removing 1 would also allow me to boot into windows.

I'm confused because the USB and Graphics card are 2 wholly separate entities to my mind, so I'm wondering if perhaps this could be due to an unstable overclock?

My stats are:

CPU - Sandy Bridge Core i5 running at 4.9ghz
Mobo - Asus Maximus IV Extreme (P67 revision B)
Graphics card - GTX 570 Point of View Beast edition
Ram - 16GB GSkill at 2133Mhz (reference speed and timings)
PSU - Corsair TX 950 watts

Please let me know if you have any ideas or require me to run any tests/provide further information.

Cheers, Marcus
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  1. Most likely an overclock problem. Run at stock settings and see if issue is resolved.
  2. cheers, will do
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