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Basicly what am trying to do is have a TV and two monitors hooked up to one PC via HDMI. Then I would like all 3 to display the same desktop. So basicly its 3 copies of the same desktop. Is there a graphic card that supports this? And can it be done?

Thank you for any help you guys can give.
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  1. You could do it with an HDMI splitter:


    Or, if you have an 1 AMD card with 2 DVI ports and a display port (or mini-DP), or 2 Nvidia cards you could use DVI to HDMI and display port to HDMI adapters.

    There are other ways, too, but that splitter is probably the best way to accomplish it if you don't already have the video cards to do so.

    What kind of video setup do you have on your PC?
  2. Here is basicly what am trying to do.

    In an office it will have TV and monitor in a middle work area and a monitor on the desk next to the PC.

    They want to be able to turn on the TV and display there desktop with what is on thier PC. I was think maybe going all HDMI so all i need to do is run 1 cord so I can have sound on the TV.

    Right now we just have some standard Optiplex 380 desktops.

    Will the HDMI splitter just make a copy on all 3 displays?
  3. Responding here. My HD 5770 can be set up to either display the same desktop on all monitors or extend them. Any graphics card will give you this option. The key thing is to make sure if you use multiple graphics cards to do this to use the same brand.

    I'm not sure about the sound though since I use headphones. What you'll probably need to figure out is how to enable sound to go through multiple ports or whatever to your other 2 tvs.
  4. 1 PC to 3 displays then?

    What kind of video connectors are on the back of the PC?
  5. YEs that is correct.

    Right now I have just 1 VGA port.
  6. On those optiplex 380s. Are the CD/DVD drives parallel to the wide or short side of the case (what I'm trying to get at is is it the slim or standard case)?
  7. Standard case.
  8. You have a few options...

    Scenario 1
    You could get a video card with as many connectors as you need off the back but will also require 2 DVI to HDMI adapters:

    and you will need to purchase an additional DVI to HDMI converter cable:


    This setup would cost around $150. I only worry about how much space you have in that case. Do you have room to install a two slot video card in that case?

    With that setup you could plug hdmi to one and DVI to HDMI to the other two, though sound will not travel to the monitors connected through the DVItoHDMI connection.

    Scenario 2
    You can get a good cheap video card with HDMI out and use the $110 splitter I mentioned earlier:

    Geforce 210:


    Also around $150. The advantage with scenario 2 is you also carry audio to each display in addition to being able to move the splitter to other PCs.

    Additionally, with both scenarios you have to buy HDMI cables. There's a company called parts-express.com that carries tons of these cables at great prices.
  9. I would prolly have to go with teh Senario 2. I just looked at the inside of the cases and I highly doubt it would fit a card bigger then that GeForce 210.

    Looks like I would have to go with that.
  10. Would the spitler display on all 3 at once? Or is it like a KVM and it will only show one at a time?
  11. Yes. It takes the input signal and provides a duplicate audio and video signal to all the outputs. You could actually hook four monitors/TVs to this thing.
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. No problem.
  14. Hope they are all the same screen resolution, or the splitter is going to make the screen look garbled.
  15. True. Each screen will have to be capable of the same resolution the person's monitor is set at as a duplicate signal will be sent to each screen. The primary PC monitor will have to be set to the least common denominator. If all the displays are capable of 1080p, the signal will be the same on each.
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