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I've been looking this guide back from TH in July about building a platform. This is an ideal exercise for my 12 year old daughter as she needs a new PC and I'd like her to understand how all the bits fit together.

I've been an IT pro for 20+ years, but I don't know much about building my own PC. I normally work with big IBM hardware, and we have dedicated engineers to look after that kind of thing... so it will be a learning exercise for myself as well.

I've been looking at this motherboard on Amazon, but I'm not sure if that will fit the bill.

I'm not interested in gaming for my daughter, just programming, video editing and perhaps some 3D animation and some rendering with "Blender". I'm planning to install Linux onto it.

There seems to be quite a range of A55 motherboards. I think basically what I need to know is if the AsRock A55M-HVS linked above will work with the shopping list given in the article?

Many thanks,
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  1. Sure, you can build your desired system around the selected motherboard. Asrock actually makes pretty decent stuff.

    Have fun with the project!
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