Armor A90 + H100

I have just recently bought the H100 liquid cooling system and do not like how it fits in my current NZXT Gamma so i am thinking of changing the case. Would the H100 fit in the A90 or do i have to find a different case?
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  1. Both of those cases look horrible imo :x (but that's just my opinion)

    Anyhow the A90 doesn't look like it has any dual 120mm fan mounts?
    Maybe on the front? Can't find any pics of the inside of the front.
    But as far as I know H100 wouldn't even reach the front.

    I'm guessing it's the case's style that you like? The A60 looks similar and has dual 120mm fans on the top of the case.
  2. what's your budget???
    @DougJK don't post such comments.if it is your opinion then keep it with you :(
  3. trying to get a good looking case that will fit my H100 and my P8P67 thats less then $100 and has good airflow/cable management
  4. get this one if you want a mid tower-
    OR this one if you want a full tower-
    i think that 1000r beats corsair 400r. :/
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