Asus p8p67 m pro won't boot, video attatched.

asus p8p67 m pro
Intel 2500k cpu
geforce 560ti
corsair vengeance ram
cooler master 550watt psu

Here is a video of it booting. Don't get anything on the monitor anymore. The system was fine its been 8 months with no issues.

Tried pulling stuff out and putting it back in but no joy. I don't even know what the beep means it sounds different from the first post beep.

Any help would be really appreciated!
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  1. Do you have a motherboard speaker attached? I heard a single beep from somewhere. Do you have access to a known-working graphics card to test with? I presume your monitor didn't get changed from HDMI to DVI or VGA or visa-versa, did it? Sometimes when I'm working with several PCs all with different graphic outputs, I forget to switch the monitor to that output.
  2. there is a speaker attached.

    There is actually two beeps if you listen carefully, one at the start and one near the end.

    The first beep is the normal beep I'm used to, then there is this second beep which I've never heard before. No idea what the beep after the usual post beep means.
  3. Since you don't have integrated graphics on that board, you'll have to prove out the card hasn't failed by replacing it with another one. Can you borrow one from a friend?
  4. I've got a cheap gt210 on order as we speak, i hope its the graphics card because its still under warrenty. :(
  5. I don't suppose you have a friend that will let you put the card in his PC for a test? You're sure the monitor is OK? Right input mode selected?
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