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Hi, I have P4 and ASRock P4i945GC motherboard with onboard Graphic. Bought recently XFX 5450 HD and first thing what I did was uninstalling the Intel GMA graphic driver. Then I power off the computer, put the new 5450 into the PCI-E slot, turn the computer on and went to BIOS. There wasn't an option to DISABLE the onboard lan, so I choosed the preffered graphic - PCI-E, saved configuration and restarted. Now I am not able to find the hardware, cd with driver is not able to find any hardware too. If I try to connect my monitor to graphic card, nothing is displayed but onboard graphic is working despite no driver installed.
Do you have any ideas please what to do? I was thinking the BIOS might be out of date? :(
Thank you. Regards, Martin
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  1. If the onboard graphic work, you may use that temporaraly to try to fix the system. In last case scenario, you may have to manually reset the motherboard, they usually have a switch, jumper that resets the board to factory condition.

    After you sucessfuly get into windows, install the latest drivers for you videocard, then install the videocard and boot. Btw, you dont need to uninstall the onboard drivers, as long as the monitor is conected to the videocard, and noth the onboard graphics, you will be fine!
  2. leandrodafont

    Thank you for reply.
    Finally I found out, that I had to updated the BIOS to newer version.
    After the update, I didn't need to do anything, it automatically found the hardware. :so
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