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Which card?

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  1. Well the XFX version has 1G but only DDR3 memory.The Saphire has 512mb but DDR5 making it faster.

    What resultion is your monitor?
  2. 1920 x 1080. You're the same guy who answered my question last week too. lol.
  3. Or this one
    Its recommended for a 300W psu, which is what I have.
  4. What did you ask last time? Were you trying to get more opinoins?

    The 5670 is faster than the GT440.

    If your gaming at 1080p then I suggest going with the 1G versoin.And DDR5 if you can find it.
  5. Really, really leaning toward the XFX Hd 5670 with 1gb, but my final question is, will it run on a 300W PSU? I don't want to choke the card or place too much demand on my PSU and risk ruining all my hardware. I plan on this card and computer lasting me at least 2-3 more years, so if I need to play it safe and just get a 5570 of some sort, I will. But if the 300W PSU will have no trouble powering a 5670 then I'd like the increased performance. What do you think?
  6. Ok, so I have a 300W PSU with a +12V at 18A, a +5v at 22a, and a 3,3v at 17a. Do I havethe power required to run a 5670? The card will probably never be pushed to the limit. I need it to stream HD video and play games like WoW and League of Legends. Will I be safe, or not? Really just need a definitive answer. :p
  7. The 5670 should run on your PSU.

    The total system power draw with a 5670 is around 260watts.But the 260watts is on a super sized test system.Normal power draw with a system like yours should be around 220watts or less.

    What did you ask last time?
  8. This:

    I really want to be sure as I don't want to screw my computer or the card. I'll probably pick up this PSU in the near future:
  9. Best answer
    That card will be fine on your PSU.Although it is wise to get a new PSU.

    Was their any specific reason your choose that PSU? That PSU isn't very good.And it doesn't even have PCI-Express connectors.

    This PSU is much better for the money.
  10. I wouldnt trust that PSU, just get an Antec Earthwats 380w PSU, that is one powerful little beast.
  11. I picked that PSU because it had the 12v rail @ >22a which I've read is what is recommended for the 5670. Halo Don, that PSU only has a 12v @ 17a and a 12v @ 15a, which as far as I know is not adequate, right? But Purple, that one is much better, thanks for the link. :p I'll definitely get that one when I get the money. Would this card be ok for probably around 2-3 months on my current PSU?
  12. It would be fine for more than a year.With the 5670 your still not maxing out the PSU.
  13. You do realize the Antec 380 Earthwats could handle a 6850 right?
  14. The Halo Don said:
    You do realize the Antec 380 Earthwats could handle a 6850 right?

    I don't know much about PSUs and what not. haha. Forgive my ignorance, but I was told that the 5670 needs a 22a rail. And thanks Purple Stank, I'll definitely be picking up the 5670. :D
  15. The Antec 520watt I linked is much better and for the same price.
  16. purple stank said:
    The Antec 520watt I linked is much better and for the same price.

    That will be the one I pick up in the future, already bookmarked it. :p Thanks for the help, really appreciate your patience. Going to select the best answer.
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  18. Your Welcome.

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