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Where to buy additional case fan dust filters?

I would like to know where to get dust filters for my brand new rig. The 500r and 400r are great cases, but thy do not have any dust filters on the side panel or top. I saw a few magnetic dust filters somewhere but I couldn't find where to get them.

And also help me choose between a 500r and a 400r (or tell me a better case somewhere near the $50 to $140 price range). I personally love Corsair's cases because of the build quality, cooling performance, and especially the awesome cable management. But if anyone else has better suggestions, post your suggestion and tell me why you like that case.
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    Here you have a lot a dust filters :
    500 R have the posibilitie to remove the hdd cage to install the biggest video card on the market.
  2. I used the 400r for awhile but changed to the HAF 932 advanced.

    It all depends on what you need. Don't underestimate the importance of the case. :??:
    I for one wanted to do water cooling, push/pull, then found that 400r couldn't do that.
    But if you don't think you'll ever want to do that then the 400R is a decent case.
    But if it's possible, go for the 500R. The extra options it has makes it worth it in my opinion.
    I only didn't go for the 500R in the first place was that I didn't know about it.... Still would of liked more room anyhow.
    Corsair's cases are all nice, it just depends on what you need/are willing to pay for.
    800D is pretty cheap (compared to it's usual $300 price) @ right now if you want something with plenty of options.
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