Pentium G620

Does this cpu have enough to watch and play HD video? I already have a mobo, case, ram, and psu.
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  1. yes it should, most of em are supposed to be good with ~3GHz
  2. Even blu ray etc, sorry dun know much about the new sb pentiums :P
  3. amuffin said:
    Even blu ray etc, sorry dun know much about the new sb pentiums :P

    i would beleve so, they arent too too bad
  4. I am pretty sure the Intel HD IGP will handle the video playback, even bluray.
  5. Ok, well do you guys know if the cheaper celeron sb cpu's will be able to handle Internet surfing, hd video, and blu-ray?
  6. The celeron g530?
  7. amuffin said:
    The celeron g530?

    I'm looking at getting a Celeron G530 for a very budget constrained friend of mine, who doesn't game.

    I was wondering about whether it would be adequate for general use, and my friend is currently suffering with a P4 805 dual core, which ain't a rocketship under Win 7, that's for sure.

    But even his POS can play 720P video, but it can't handle 1080P video.

    Anyway, whilst I couldn't find a review of the G530, I was able to find the below review of the 100Mhz faster G540, so judge for yourself. :)
  8. yes, all the sandy bridge celerons will have the same Intel HD graphics and will be able to play HD videos at 1080p.
  9. The Celeron G530 will play 1080p. Although the G530 is no rocket, it has an IGP to decode blueray and its CPU core's general computing power is still multiple times faster than the fastest P4. I don't think there is a modern desktop CPU from AMD or Intel that cannot play 1080p. Just don't pair it up with P67 mobo or you won't get video out for IGP (I don't expect you to get P67 if you are on a small budget thou).
  10. HTPC use is the what the G620 is best at. The CPU cores aren't fast enough for "real CPU tasks", and the IGP isn't good enough for 1080 gaming. It is good enough for most of the HTPC duties however, and has a low TDP making it a good choice.
  11. you get no widi, 3d stuff, clear video, quick sync with pentium or celeron. may be that's why intel doesn't call celeron/pentium's igp only hd graphics, not hd 2000.
    a pentium g860 + h61 mini itx + 2x 2gb ram + radeon hd 6450/6570 would make a good htpc/ budget pc. although, a quad core llano would make an even better htpc.
  12. I use the G620 in my HTPC, although I offload the video duties to a discrete GPU. The CPU is fine for what I use it for though. The system can be a bit slow occasionally but no issues with HD playback (Bluray).
  13. G620 should be ok, I use a an older E5400+ATI 5450 and plays everything I throw at it.
  14. It depends upon what types of video that you watch.

    Don't hold me to this, but I think the P-G620 uses the "Intel HD Graphics" of the 1st gen Clarkdales - it should work but you will see high cpu utilization without any post-processing.

    And again, just an old guy with a long memory, here, but I think the HW acceleration would be fairly limited and may possibly require third-party software decoders to function correctly.

    It will handle your typical mpg2, h264, BluRay, and a dead vc1 ... but probably limited or no HW acceleration for flv, xvid, divx. It's somewhat like the AMD UVD on the HD5450 but probably with limited video acceleration for some formats and resolutions.

    You should also check for Silverlight acceleration if you do Netflix. Snagging an HD6450/5450 might not be a bad option if you have issues.
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