Motherboard wouldnt read new video card put in old and it reads it fine

Just bought a Intel DG41CN, has Core 2 Duo, 4gig ram. Anyhow someone gave me a PNY 8800 GTS 512. Installed it my computer doesnt read it, Disabled the onboard vid, restarted. and nothing. Put in my old Graphics card.Geforce 8500 GT and it reads fine. Even tried installing the drivers of the 8800. Error b/c it doesnt see the hardware. This is a new motherboard. 650watt power supply. Does this board I have not support the card im trying to install? OR is simply the card bad? Anyway to tell. I have no other computer to put it into. The fan on the card runs etc.

Trying to upgrade to a decent video card before I upgrade to the 8gig ram max my board supports. Will upgrade the cpu after that. This is my first computer build. I had a XPS 700 which the mobo died on me, which was 450 bucks to buy a new through dell. So I purchased a new case, psu and the intel mobo and reused all my hardware from my xps 700 like my cpu, harddrive, ram, and cd/dvd drive.
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  1. Does the 8800 GTS 512 work?

    Did you plug in the 6-pin power connection that is required for the video card?
  2. Power connector on the 8800 GTS was plugged in yes. And im not sure if the card works, wouldnt there be a hardware failure if it was bad?
  3. I'm going to just buy a new graphics card. I'm sure this one is bad. Thanks for the help jaguarskx.
  4. Try cleaning the contact points of the 8800GTS.If that doesn't work then I suggest return it or get a new one.

    Is their anyway to test the 8800GTS in another computer?
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