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I have a color laser copier I want to set up to my home computer system via ethernet cable to my ATT 2wire router. presently I have a desktop PC wired into one port and laptops accessing wirelessly. I plugged the copier into a port on the router and see all green lights - but I know theres alot more involved but dont know where to start. My first time, but I am comfortable with computers. Just need directions on where to start.
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  1. what color laser copier are we talking about? was there software and manual that came with it?

    In general you have to assign a Static IP to the printer, then add a new printer on your PC choose network printer and enter the IP number so the PC knows where to find the printer.
  2. I have similar problem.

    I have a Belkin wireless router and setup for the internet OK, but can only print from wireless laptops. How do you assign static IP to the printer? I have an HP Color Laser Jet 3600. I believe I did it per instructions, but still not able to print from descktop.

  3. How does the printer connect to the network? wired or wireless?
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