Slow to reach boot & no power off

Hi guys, recently started having a problem with my pc that I think might be due to my PSU.

When I first turn on my pc, it takes forever to reach boot (beep), and sometimes won't even get that far. When it first started it wouldn't boot until I removed 2 of the 3 case fans I have installed, but now it takes almost 5 minutes to actually get started after powering on.

Once it reaches boot, it runs fine with no problems on any games. But then when I choose to shut down, everything goes fine, but after the shut down is complete the PC won't power off at all leaving me to turn it off at the socket.

My specs are;

Evo Labs 720w PSU (about 2 years old)
Core 2 Quad Q9650
ASRock N7ad-sli motherboard
4gb DDR-2

I've tried running with a different CPU (Core 2 duo E4700) but still have the same problem.
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  1. f00kinerr0r said:

    Evo Labs 720w PSU (about 2 years old)

    PSU shaped object that should never disgrace the confines of a computer case is usually a good bet.
  2. delluser1 said:
    PSU shaped object that should never disgrace the confines of a computer case is usually a good bet.

    I had no idea they were that bad, would a corsair PSU be a good replacement? (Thinking of this one;
  3. That's a real psu.
    Your specs don't require 700 watts.
    If the blue light isn't mandatory you can go semi modular for less

    Now, prior to buying a new power supply there are some steps to take to try and get an actual diagnoses ( rather than just my dislike for a low quality power supply )
  4. While working through the steps I found that if I ever switched off the PSU at either the wall socket or using the switch on the back, it won't reach boot when I turn it back on. But if I leave it on then there are no problems with it (though still a little slow).

    Also, when I tried starting with just the CPU and HS, twice it stayed silent, and the third time it did the long beeps.

    Not sure what this means but I removed everything and rebuilt to make sure everything was installed correctly and still the problem is there.
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