Need help w/ 3 y/old Gigabyt X58 UDR3a v1.0

Any Gigabyte mobo smarties?

I have a Gigabyte x58a udr3 mobo
Thermaltake Armor + tower
I have a coolmax PS
12 gig of Kingston Hyper X ram
Sapphyre Radion 5670 video card
Corsair P55 cpu cooler

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't get my pc to boot, I got the "master boot drive not found".

I moved the box to the side and opened the side and turned the pc bac on and it came up just fine.

Last night I come back to the pc and it's not turning on at all.

There are two lights (1amber, 1 green) to the right of the ram slots. They flash really quick when I hit the I/O switch on the Power supply and when I hit the power button to turn the pc on the regular light on the power buton doesn't come on, and the little lcd's to the right of the ram slots come on and don't turn off until I hit the power I/O switch again to off.

I'm not mucn on checking voltage on things although can, I'm a bit lazy and I've never taken any A+ classes so I really wouldn't know what to look for.

I checked the 4 pin and 24 pin seats and they're all in correctly and clean. I cleaned all the modular connections to the PS itself.

I tried another HD to see if perhaps the drive had gone bad and the system was bypassing power becase of the HD.

Next I'll try manually powering the PS,
trying to start the pc without the video card connected.

I'm at a loss.

Any suggestions

PS I'm poor so I can't just buy and replace at this point.... wish I could.
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  1. Just make sure all your devices are connected well again.
    Can you enter bios ? Can hear a start beep after pushing power button ?
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