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So, recently I built an HTPC. I woke up Sunday AM and the unit was dead. Even though I had it hooked up to an APC power strip, I thought maybe the PSU was shot. So, I made the trek over to Microcenter and bought a new Antec PSU. When I replaced it, I was still not getting power at all to my HTPC. So, I thought that perhaps the motherboard was fried, so I treked back over to Microcenter and bought a new motherboard and then bought another Antec 350W (I returned the other one in the off chance it was DOA).

Came back home and replaced the motherboard and hooked up the new Antec and I am still getting no power (MOBU LED is not turning on). I was very careful installing the motherboard and don't believe I've accidentally shorted it. I've tried everything I can think of (switching power outlets, hooking up the old PSU I thought was fried, etc.).

Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do? It seems highly unlikely that both the MOBU and the Antec are dead, right?

Gracias to anyone who can give me a fix.

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  1. What model is the Motherboard? IS the Green/yellow Standby light coming on? Perhaps the power socket on the Motherboard is bad, seems unlikely but you might of just ran into a streak of bad luck!

    EDIT: It didn't cross my mind that the Power Supply wattage is too low, I would still like to know the exact model of the Motherboard, but you might want to try a 500-700w PSU.
  2. Thanks for a quick reply, Turtle! I've got an ASUS P8B75-M/CSM. I believe that 350W should be enough, especially because I'm not even trying to boot up or anything, just trying to see if there is power going to the MOBU. I've triple checked that the 24 pin is hooked up as are both 4pin (into the 8 pin CPU socket - the old one I had only had one 4 pin). I'm not getting any light on the MOBU to come on at all. Ugh, I'd hate to make a third trip to Microcenter :) The return folks will probably start getting tired of me!
  3. this is to check if the psu is working follow these.

    remove the power cord.
    remove the 24 and 4/8 pin connector from the board.
    take the 24pin connector of the psu and short the green wire with the gray one.
    plug the psu, it the psu turns on its okey.
  4. If the PSU works, try unplugging EVERYTHING from the motherboard, RAM, HDD, OpticalDrive, Video-card('s) and any ports on the back of the board, if all else fails, try a higher wattage. I have a similar board runny with a 500w PSU and it works fine.
  5. Well, I tinkered with everything once again this morning, tried unhooking and rehooking everything. Still dead. So, went back to MC, exchanged it all, and now I'm up and running. Talk about bad luck :(

    Thanks for the advice everyone :)
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