My first build ever!!

hi all, i am looking to build my first pc in the next week or so, and i have been saving up for most of the summer in order to build it.

the first thing i would like to ask, is whether the components i have chosen are compatible, will fit in the case and wether the psu is enough for over clocking and extra graphics cards such as the hd6850

list my components so they are as follows:

core i7 2600k

be quiet! dark rock pro advanced cpu cooler

850w corsair enthusiast modular high performance power supply

ASUS p8z68-v intel z68 motherboard

8gb mushkin blackline (2 4gb modules) 1600mhz 9-9-9-24

coolermaster elite 430 midi tower black

2tb samsung spinpoint f4 hdd


what do you guys think?
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