Is intel core i5 2400 a good gaming processor?

hello, friends,
am having 4gb ddr3 ram with 1333mhz,and 1gb nvidia gts 450
and an intel core i5 2400 3.1ghz processor,,,and 1tb hdd
i dont know weather itz a good processor..!!! is it good for gaming????
is there much diff btwn i5 2500k?
ive spende a lott on my pc.!! aand any body plz tell isit good!!!!
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  1. Yes it is a good gaming CPU. Difference between 2500k is the 200MHz difference and the multiplier is locked. If you are not going to OC, the 2400 is just about as good as the 2500k.

    Although I would go for an i3 and get a better GPU if this is my build.
  2. this month's sbm $600 gaming build;,3097.html
    compared to others:,3099.html
    it's not much different from the 2500k at stock speed.
    however, you could benefit more from a stronger gfx card like radeon hd 6870/6950 or gtx 560/560ti. it depends on your psu's +12v amperage and your budget. gts 450 isn't bad but there are better.
    for gaming, gfx card takes priority.
    edit: gaming cpu hierarchy chart, the 2400 it top tier for gaming:,3077-5.html
  3. indeed this cpu is an excellent gaming chip of course.the difference between the 2400 and 2500k are as follow.
    1.2400 has 3.1ghz speed and it's integrated graphics is intel HD 2000.
    2.2400 isn't overclock too much but giving you a tremendous performance.
    3.2500k has 3.3ghz speed 200mhz is faster than that of 2400.2500k integrated graphics is intel HD 3000 can overclock upto 4.6ghz or 5ghz with a decent coolers.

    @pyree, i3 is not too much good for gaming like bf3,skyrim or other multithreaded apps yes, i3 is not bad chip but isn't that good to the op to get 2400.
  4. i3-2100+6850 is what what I will go for for the same budget.
  5. When it comes to gaming the graphics card is where most of the performance comes from but with a price difference of $60 between the Intel® Core i3-2100 and the Intel Core i5-2400. I would be more inclined to get a quad core for everything else that it would help out with.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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