Rosewill Blackhawk Fan connections.

I was wondering if any one with knoledge of the Rosewill BLACKHAWK can tell me if the fans have split 3 pin molex connections or if they all have molex? From the pictures I am only seeing molex but I know there is a newer version out.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. They all look like molex to my eyes, not sure if a revision would alter that but you can always get adaptors to hook them into a fan controller if you wanted to,
  2. any idea where i can get a good deal on some? maybe a multi pack?
  3. Newegg search term 'fan adaptor' got this

    but I'm sure searching around will turn up some bargains,
    I've got a few lying around but I'm in the UK sorry :P
  4. just get a really strong sling shot and aim for Florida in the South West. I'll be waiting with a really big net.
  5. hehe, you can always find some old 3pin fans, strip off the connectors and splice them onto the cases fans as well,
  6. hmm is there a cable that is a Y where you have 2 molex going into 1 3 pin? if so that would save me a lot on cables.
  7. So you plugged into the mobo and fed two molex fans?
    they do 3pin Y splitter cables, but you would then need more adaptors (3pin to molex) to convert from 3pin to molex, negating any saving I reckon but I can't remember ever seeing ones like you described sorry
  8. lol what i'm planning on doing is taking the 2 front fans and the 1 stock + one i added top fan and connecting them to a fan controller. The fan controller i want though has only 3 pin connections for the fans. the reason why I want to connect them is because i want the 2 front one to work in tangent on one control channel along with the 2 top on their own channel.

    So i'll have 2 fans on 1 channel for front and top. if i had a 2 molex to 3 pin adapter that would be the simplest way to connect them only using one cord.
  9. aah, yes, fancontrollers, they all have 3pin plugs, helps them stay compact
    I would suggest having one fan per channel, splitting the load would not be good for the controller, but I'll have a quick look for the needed adaptors for you,

    One of these to split from controller

    and one of these for each of the two fans
    obviously you'll want a couple more of the second ones for other fans on the controller too, sorry for uk site, can't find on newegg and not familiar with US modding shops :P
    this is same as the second, but from US amazon,
  10. if i had to though i could always splice the to fans together into a single molex and then get a molex to 3 pin adapter.
  11. Much easier man, I'm so glad you are up for that as I'm getting brain-ache from adaptor sites lol,
    yup, splice the fan-wires together, then onto the 3pin wire and just plug in,
    .....and relax :P
  12. lol thanks for all the help anyways, I'll have to dig around for some couplings, or i could always garage rig it with some black electric tape :P.
  13. hmm now i just have to find the right adapter to go from molex to 3 pin.
  14. Thats the spirit :)
    I had four fans spliced on one wire a while back,
    be careful of course and make sure you observe polarity/safety precautions
  15. yeah thats something i'm going to have to research because i know next to nothing about wiring. But I also know when i'm in over my head, so if i cant figure it out i'm sure i can find some one with some wiring/electrician experience.

    wouldnt happen to know a sight i could go to with info on such things would ya?
  16. I don't sorry but googles probably got a million how to guides,
    the way I would identify them is as follows,
    I know the wiring for a molex plug,
    yellow 12v
    black ground
    black ground
    red 5v for more wire info

    so, you want to look at the fans and decide which is the ground and which is the positive, sometimes you can see on the pcb on the fan by each wire a- or + sign,
    get a 9v battery to test with, better than risking your pc :P

    if you want fast fan speeds, hook the positive up to the yellow 12v line, if you want quieter slow speeds use the 5v, (but as your hooking to a fan controller you want to use the 12v and use the controller to alter speeds)
    once you identify them, just make sure you always connect ground to ground and pos to pos, and you'll be splicing like a boss :)
    its basic electrical stuff, I did it by doing it and killed a few things along the way,
    its fun and one of the most simple mods, once you've done it you'll wonder why you were ever worried :)
  17. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

    I found out though my budget might be smaller than i thought, so i might have to wait for a later date to apply this mod.

    I'll bookmark this so i can return to it again when i can afford it.
  18. No probs man, I'm usually around :)
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