Multiple graphics cards on one motherboard

Hello all

I have a asus maximus iv motherboard with a HD6990 graphics card.

I am building a flight sim project.

I have the following screens


1366x768 VGA
1024x768 VGA
1024x768 VGA
1024x768 VGA

Overhead panel

1920x1080 DVI

Cockpit windows

1920x1200 DVI 24"
1920x1200 DVI 24"
1920x1200 DVI 24"
1920x1200 DVI 24"

I was considering driving the 4 vga screens from a lesser pc with 2x graphics cards that will drive 2 VGA/DVI screens each.

But I would prefer to configure the entire system with just one computer.

I have tried putting the two graphics cards I have in the same computer with the hd6990 already in it, but windows only detects two cards not the 3rd.

Is there any way I can get it to work?

The flight sim software is designed to work with 2 pc's.

The load on the computer from the cockipt windows will be very high, The load on the pc from the other screens should be very very low.

What do you think?
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  1. What are the models of the other graphics cards you put in?
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