Got a new sound card but computer wont register it.

i have just bought a new sound card for my pc and for some reason my computer wont register it as installed , i made sure its installed correctly and try'd to autorun the cd that came with it but it says there is no product installed ?

its a sound blaster audigy SE

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance Zondervan
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  1. try it in a different pci slot
  2. i cant use a diffrent slot because the free pci slot is being overtaken by the cooling system of the graphics card
  3. oke just try'd to put back in the old gpu and psu and it still doesnt work
  4. did you buy it new or second hand?

    and does it show up in device manager?
  5. i bought it brand new and yes the graphics card got installed properly and the sound card dint
  6. i realise the sound card didnt get properly installed--but does it show in device manager with a warning symbol

    next to it?
  7. No it doesnt, it dint really matter tho the computer doesnt even want to start up anymore, the power light doesnt turn on and the screen doesnt show anything either but the computer still starts up.
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