Gaming PC ~1100$ need criticism/advice

Approximate Purchase Date: October/early November
Budget Range: ~£700 or ~1100$ After Rebates
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (long gaming sessions in demanding games), browsing, movies, streaming
Parts Not Required:Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (cheapest I found) or any UK website, but if possible want to buy everything from 1 place
Country of Origin: UK
Parts Preferences: only preference - Intel CPU I guess
Overclocking: Yes. CPU stable @ ~4.5GHz, GPU @ ~950/1400 core/memory
SLI or Crossfire: Maybe. But at the moment not bothering to buy a PSU suitable for CF
Monitor Resolution: 2x1920x1080 monitors, gaming on one of them, browsing, chatting etc on the other
Additional Comments: Would like to hear about component compatibility and suggestions regarding those, overall cost effectiveness of this system, weak points, etc.
Also more specific questions:
- How to setup a good Airflow in HAF
- Is second fan on 212+ necessary ?
- Thermal compound - supplied with 212+ is ok or should I go with something specific

So here it goes:

1. i5-2500K (I would want to oc and run it stable at approx. 4.5)
2. HAF 912 (don't know if I will be fine with stock fans provided or will need to buy additional ones ?)
3. 8GB RipJawsX 12800 CL9
4. Hyper 212+ (would I need a second fan for it given my conditions? stock thermal compound is enough or i should buy AS5 or something?)
5. Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3 (cheapest Z68, is it a good choice?)
6. MSI ATI Radeon HD 6950 OC Twin FrozR III PE (probably won't mess with BIOS flashing, but would want to oc it further to something like 950/1400 core/memory)
7. 650W Corsair TX650M
8. Spinpoint F3
£713 = ~1110$

Well, that's about it. Sorry for a lengthy post and thank you for your time.
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  1. post this again after Bulldozer's release, because your still at least a month away from your build it will change in price and possiably components as well.
  2. yeah it is the time to wait coz sandybridges prices will fall HOPEFULLY!!! after the release of bulldozers so my suggestion is to wait till JAN
  3. Didn't realize Bulldozer coming out in a month and will no doubt have impact on the market.
    Thanks guys.
  4. On another note, if you are going with a Z68 board then grab a small (40gb is fine) SSD to utilize the SSD caching on the Z68 boards. If you don't want to purchase the extra SSD for the caching, or you intend on purchasing a full sized SSD (240 gb for example), then you might as well go with P67.

    The Z68 advantages over the P67 are really just SSD caching and the on board vid with Virtu - which does nothing for gaming (only provides benefits to video processing, not 3d processing -> )
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