Cant post, want to re flash bios.

I have a poweredge 1950 dell server, it will not get passed the POST. The error that comes up is PCIe Training Error: Embedded NIC 2. I told Dell about my problem and tried min post and resting the NVRAM, still nothing. I want to re flash the bios and see if that works, my question is though how do i re flash the bios if i cant get past posting?
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  1. If a Clear CMOS failed then chances are your MOBO is toast IF also after removing all PCI/PCIe cards, peripherals and using 1 stick (trying another 1 stick) fails to post. That server is old enough where I'd also try a new CMOS battery.
  2. Quote:
    ...chances are your MOBO is toast...

    How's that any different than in that link?
    Quote: will need to replace the motherboard...
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