PSU questions regarding the Geforce GT 440


Having decided to upgrade my graphics card but with a limited budget I have ordered the Gigabyte Geforce GT 440(1 gig, DDR3) from Amazon.

I thought I had checked out all the necessary infomation regarding the graphics card by consulting the specificatins on the Nvidia website. According to the Nvidia website my current system which includes a 370w PSU should have no problem running the card, however I have some doubts now over the recommended PSU wattage. According to the Nvidia website you only require a 300w PSU to run the card but on the Gigabyte site it states that a 400w PSU is required(in hindsight I should have checked this site before ordering it but we live and learn).

I have done a fairly extensive forum search and the answers that I seek have been very contradictory. Some people seem to have no problems with running GFX cards without the recommended PSU while others swear by running a PSU above the recommended. I am no computer novice but I will admit when it comes to power and electronics then I tend to get a bit lost.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.



System : AMD Athlon 5000+ Dual Core 2.6ghz, 3.5 GB memory, Nvidia 9500GT(this has been removed due to broken fan), ACER F690GVM Motherboard, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit.
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  1. what make and model PSU do you have?
  2. It is a Trust PW5150.
  3. I don't think the PSU is strong enough since it only has a 180W 12V-rail 15A

    there are 275W PSUs that have the same values
  4. Ok mate, thanks for the help..An upgrade it is then..
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