New motherboard bundle or just mobo and ram

At the moment i have a *** motherboard to be honest, supports up to 2gb DDR2 memory, i want to upgrade, but upgrading motherboards for me means upgrading Ram and cpu in the same moment,

i have 2 options:

1. Buy a low budget i3 bundle.
2. Buy a good? socket 775 mobo and DDR3 ram.

My current cpu is: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

So my question in simplicity is: Is the cpu good enough to last for gaming for atleast a few years.

Suggest a fairly cheap mobo bundle or a good, 775 Mobo with DDR3 support.

Edit: Make it in the uk and not microcenter since they dont ship cpus, and bundle under 300$
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  1. Will the processor last a couple more years? Yes it should last long or longer. The issue is based off the video card that you are using and if you are overclocking you may already be bottlenecking your video card with that processor.

    Since all the socket 775 boards have discontinued you are going to be stuck selecting a used board or find a lower end "4" series board that has been stuck sitting in a backroom for 3 years.
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