Motherboard won't boot

I am in trouble since 4 motherboard won't start,no post,no beep and no video but all fan spine like CPU.motherboard led green(on),HDD working.
Is my motherboard dead?

Please help....


Asus p5n sli
Intel p4 3.0 GHz 631
Transcend 2gb ram 667 DDR2
HDD 500 gb segate
Nvidia GeForce 210 1gb DDR3
PSU 450 watt.

Please somebody help,its my loving motherboard.
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  1. I just had a similar problem where nothing would boot up, but I did have a green light on my motherboard and I could turn on the HDD. Before assuming that the motherboard is dead, try checking all the cables making sure they're connected properly, make sure the memory is good but taking one out at a time and trying to boot up the PC, if it works then they memory that you took out was causing the problem, take out the video card and try booting up. If none of that works, try switching out the PSU because it could be bad/going bad.
  2. I have tested gpu and ram on other system,both are in good condition.
    Please any sugges...
  3. Suppose if I install ram of any gb like 1 or 2 which is not listed in Asus p5n sli motherboard ram support can I hear any beep sound or not?
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