2 1GB 9600 GT's vs. 1 GTX 560 ti

I currently have two 9600 GT's in my 2.4 ghz quad core. I was thinking of upgrading to dx 11 compatible card. The 560 ti looks decent and is in my price range (less than 300). Would a single 560 ti be worth forgoing SLI/Crossfire? And is there perhaps a better option to move to a single card in that price range?

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  1. GTX560 Ti is faster than 9600GT in SLI. GTX560 Ti in SLI should be faster than GTX580 but your cpu will bottleneck such a setup. even with single GTX560 Ti your cpu will bottleneck the card at it's stock clock. for less than 300 you can look for this if you buy from newegg:


    most of the card will cost below 300 after rebate. just choose the brand you like from the list
  2. what resolution you play at?I have seen people playing at 1280X1024 and doing SLI
  3. The GTX 560 Ti is probably somewhere between 2 to 3 faster than SLIed 9600GTs.
    GTX 570s start at around $320 but there are a number of models that have mail in rebates that bring them down to $300 or if you are ok with that.
    Another option is the HD6950 2gb. If you plan on using multiple cards and/or 3 monitors in the future it is a wise choice due to the extra memory.
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